June 18, 2015

It's another....baby!!!

A few weeks ago in the midst of moving chaos -Brett and I threw our kids in the car at the impossibly early hour of 7:30am ( none of us are particularly fast moving in the mornings) and drove to an Ultrasound appointment. The highlights for my kids were the following:

-The fish tank. Oh man, who doesn't love a good fish tank in a doctors office waiting room? SCORE.

-Cinderella downloaded onto my phone. Sure, its tiny but it is still a movie and who doesn't love watching some unplanned screen time?

-And for Ransom, the confirmation that he was indeed going to have a baby brother.  Tabitha did not care about this at all. She was just concerned that her Mommy might be sick, but when she found out I wasn't she was happy to return to watching fish in the fish tank.

So there you go!! The Wilson's are about to be a male dominated family unit. I honestly hadn't thought that I had any predictions when it came to what we were going to have-it seemed pretty 50/50. We already had one of each, and all my pregnancies had been different enough that I couldn't count on all those wives tales....  but as it turns out, I was so NOT surprised when I saw those itty bitty boy parts that I think I must have known deep down. Or maybe it just feels right.

I'm getting more and more excited our little brother mostly because I've got the time hop app on my phone and it reminds what adorable babies we make.
Tabitha, 2 months old 

Ransom, 2 months old

                                                       And for comparison: our newest edition yawning... 

As for his name, that will be revealed very soon! Get excited, I won't make you wait too long...

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