June 09, 2015


The month of May was entirely swallowed up by things I did not love. I mean, entirely. There are few things that I hate more than the following:
  • Disruption to routine. 
  • Clutter. 
  • Change. 
  • Things not going according to plan. 
That basically describes every thing there could possibly be said about both moving and renovating! 
So you can imagine that I was really a party in pregnancy pants for the whole month! And so there you have it. The reason I didn't blog. Because nobody needed to see that kinda mess. Well...actually, ONE good thing happened in May, my friend Miranda came to visit-and that was truly a good moment. However, as it with a true jewel of a friend....you really have NO time to do anything other than talk for days and days on end.  And then once she was gone I was immediately thrown back into the mountain of moving which was once again not pretty. 

                                      ( by far the best thing about May) 

 Even as it was happening I knew I was not being the best version of myself and really the only way through it was to put my head down and pray we'd come out on the other side soon. And wouldn't you know it, June did indeed come!! Hooray! 

So now we'll get on to some fun stuff that I really want to share with you! I've basically been saving up some SUPER de DUPER juicy posts, like what our new house looks like! And things that I am loving about it ( and I'll try to keep the painter-hatred rants to a minimum). And then also, I can't wait to tell you what the next Wilson Baby is going to be! Followed closely by the always anticipated "Name that Baby!" post. And let me tell you, you're gonna want to stick around for this because its actually INCREDIBLY HARD to name another baby after you've already named THREE OTHER BABIES. The pressure really starts to mount. But, basically as soon as we saw the little gender bits of this baby I was in full on baby-naming mode. And I'm really happy with the final result. 

So, stay tuned! This post was basically an advertisement/ teaser for future posts. It was the 30-second "teaser" Star Wars trailer equivalent of a blog post. HA! 

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Aunt Sheron said...

Oh, what a tease! Can hardly wait.