July 08, 2015

Be our guest....


So, today I figured it was high time to continue our little tour into the HabitAT House! And since I'm currently procrastinating from mopping floors in the preparation of my Sister's family's arrival this weekend it seemed only appropriate for me to give you a little look-see into the guest room.

This is really very much a "before" look because I had hoped to wait to show you this room once I had DIYed myself some totally awesome side-tables...but that hasn't quite happened yet! OOPS! Turns out my whole "Take some of the leftover counter tops and drill some table legs onto those puppies." is easy in theory but I have yet to find a cheap table leg that I can live with...thoughts?! Am I going to have to go visit a junk yard?!?!

Annnnyway here is a quick look see:

And one of my favorite prints on the opposite wall. ( not pictured: a very empty bookcase) 


So, yes, there is a lot yet to be done to this room to make it the perfect Guest Room. Things like ear-plugs, bottled water, reading material, a lamp, and obviously a good bedside table....But, we are getting there. And really, since this room will more than likely be lived in by a more long-term guest in the relatively near future ( details are still in the making). I trust that no matter how many amenities I have yet to pull together, this room will hopefully serve its intended purpose well. 

And before I go....I would be remiss not to show a shot of the the totally awesome Avocado Green guest bathroom....Yeah, this bathroom is BEGGING for a redo...but until then we'll just tell ourselves that it keeps us grounded in the house's 1970s roots ;-) 


And did you miss the tour of the HabitAT Kitchen?

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