February 16, 2016

Reading is "allowed" ( get it? get it?)

When I was growing up we didn't have a TV. Yup, you read right! NO. TV. So when Brett makes Goonies references or discusses various early 90s cartoons I have no idea what he's talking about.
I usually roll my eyes and look superior which works really well for our marriage. Ha!

However, lets talk Heidi and Little Women, The Secret Garden, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, or The Chronicles of Narnia or the Chronicles of Prydain...or a Wrinkle in Time or the C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy, The Giver, Anne of Green Gables....yeah, ok, I didn't mean to give you so many examples-but basically my Television growing up was a book.

And we're starting at a very very young age. ( I was the youngest and my sister was 5 and a half years older than me, so I got most books probably before my technical "age bracket" allowed.). All of this was because my mother read out loud to our family. I "read" The Hobbit before I could actually read. 

I think I've told you before how I have strong memories of laying on the couch while my Mom read to us for hours on Sunday afternoons. She'd read till her voice started to go out.

These memories are strong and they are some of the happiest of my childhood. And I want more than anything to pass those memories on to my kids!

So this year as we have "homeschooled"...one of the standards has been reading allowed chapter books. In fact, when we don't get anything else  accomplished I make sure we do a piano practice and our read allow time. ( we're clearly an "arts" family! hahaha!)

Because my mind is so stock full of favorites from my childhood and yet I have no real recollection of when we read a certain book it has been a bit of an all over the place education for Ransom so far but I wanted to share  a few of the books we've read so far this year and give Ransom's 5-year-old rating on each:

This most definitely has to do with his age. He just isn't quite there on the listening front. Or maybe its because I love these books SO MUCH that his own love just can't measure up. Anyway, we have only read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe  and The Horse and His Boy.  and I think we'll probably wait till next year to continue.  ( seriously, he actually did like these books its just that he didn't CRY when Aslan died and I felt like he needed to. I'm a jerk book-snob) 

Both Homer Price  as well as Centerburg Tales: More stories of Homer Price were pretty big hits with Ransom. They are the perfect read-allowed stories for those starting out because each chapter is almost its own stand alone story just with the same reoccurring characters. 

We will probably be reading more of the Paddington books in the near future. Ransom got the physical humor and he laughed a lot at the silly situations that Paddington got into. Boys and their physical humor...it cracks me up! 

We've read a few Carolyn Haywood books this just being one of them. I was a HUGE fan as a kid ( I think maybe these are girl books?!) and I've got loads that are sadly now out of print. I do recommend them to those reading to their 6-8 year olds...particularly girls. Also they are perfect for early readers-maybe second graders? Seriously loved these as a kid. Not enough "action" for Ransom I think. 


I think this was a fail on my part. While the stories of Peter Pan are quite riveting the reading level is a bit high for Ransom and I think some of the language went over his head and made it less interesting for him. I'll probably wait a year or two and hit this one up again. 


Ransom looooved this book! Which was fun, because I remember loving it as a kid too! I think it hits that sweet spot of little kids who like to go outside and build forts and "secret little houses" in their parents bushes ( read: all children) and Ransom was legit sad when this book was over ( little does he know there are about 30 thousand more of these books! hahaha! Seriously, how prolific of a series is this?!?!) 


Now, bear in mind we JUST started Farmer Boy this week, but its already a HUGE hit! I mean, not to ruin it for you-but starting a book out with a "will they won't they" beating scene is pretty much right up a 5 year old boys alley (!!)..

So, I'll stop there, I don't want to make this post too long! Have you read any of these books? Have memories from your own childhood? What about other favorites? I'm all ears! You know I'd talk about books all day if you let me! 


Renee said...

When I was a kid, the TV was on all the time. And I mean All The Time. I however, spent hours holed up in my bed reading, many of the same books you mentioned. I loved the Chronicles of Narnia, books by Lloyd Alexander, Amy's Eyes (we will be staring this as our read aloud soon and I can't wait!), the Laura Ingalls books....So clearly have a TV run constantly didn't squelch my love of literature :) Chuck was raised in a no TV home and he loves reading as much as I do. Our only child who doesn't LOVE reading is Avi, but it is still work for her...I expect in a year or two she will be a bookworm too.

Rachael said...

We used to make sure to read to Esther before bed, but have gotten out of the habit since she started school this year (January). But she loves listening and we've already read "older" books, like the Hobbit and the first and second Harry Potter books (since they get darker we are waiting for the rest of those...man I can't wait for those, she loved them and I love them too!) I've been wanting to read the Laura Ingalls books but they don't have them in kindle format and every time we fly that many books don't make the cut in the suitcases! We've also read all the Ramona and Beezus books, which she also loved (but maybe more girly?) Now she started reading chapter books by herself and has enjoyed the "third grade detective" series, which might be good to read aloud too.

Share some of your favorite books that you read too (and would read more than once)! Since we get most of our books via kindle (don't take up space and in English) I want to make sure I'd be okay reading the books twice before I buy it, haha I'm cheap. And I can only get John Grisham books here at the library in English...man I miss libraries in English!
Longest comment ever!!

MAggie05 said...

Hi Abigail, I'm not sure if you remember me (formerly Meredith DuFrene of Nac High), but someone shared your blog on FB when you were pregnant with the girls and I've been lurking ever since (sorry about that!). But I'm pretty sure if we lived closer we would be good friends! My oldest son, Jackson, is 5 and I think he and Ransom would get along really well. I love your book suggestions! We will definitely add the Boxcar Children and Paddington to our list. We started read-aloud chapter books with Jackson when he was about 4, and it's something we both look forward to every night. Big hits with Jackson have been Charlotte's Web and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (he liked the book but he LOVED the movie). Now we are making our way through some Beverly Cleary books. We started with Socks (7/10 for Jackson), and moved on to the Ralph adventures (The Mouse & the Motorcycle, Runaway Ralph, Ralph S. Mouse). Jackson is really enjoying Ralph. I'd say an 8 or 9/10 on these.

Our family blog is: http://themalnarfamily.blogspot.com/

JCB said...

I also loved The Phantom Tollbooth and all of the Roald Dahl books!