April 17, 2005

Abigail the soundtrack to life.

So I told you I was working on it...
I am not totally satisfied with this particular soundtrack...but since I had to just "whip it out"...it will defintely get me thinking....so what is YOUR soundtrack? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Hallelujah Chorus ( from the Messiah), Handel: This song has several reasons for being in my soundtrack. For one thing, for years and years it was tradition for my parents to take me to the Messiah for my birthday, SFA hosts it every year and it usually ended up being around my birthday, which I always thought was extra special. On the same strain of childhood…there were many years that I woke up to either Bach or Handel on Sunday mornings. And when I moved to NZ I played the Messiah really loudly on Sunday mornings for my own personal edification and also for all the hung over residents who had kept ME awake the night before…a little godly irony ;-) And well…all the childhood memories aside-this song is SO powerful! It speaks to my heart, it rattles my bones, it makes my skin tingle….

To the Ends of the Earth, Hillsong: I’ve always loved this praise song. Many of my Nacogdoches people may not be familiar with it so for this one I will give you the words. Anyway, it expresses how I feel at my best. You know, the moments when you have no doubts. And hopefully even when I do have fears and attacks on everyside I still carry THIS within me in some form…
Love unfailing over taking my heart
You take me in, finding peace again. Fear is lost in all You are.
I would give the world to tell your story, because I know that You’ve called me
I’ve lost myself for good within your promise and I wont hide it. I wont hide it.
Jesus I believe in you, and I would go to the ends of the earth. For you alone are the son of God and all the world will see that you are God. You are God.
She’s only Happy in the Sun, Ben Harper: This is just TRUE. I have learned this from my years of winter…and for my years of life guarding…I LOVE the sun. And I am always always just a little bit happier when it is sunny out. Plus, you just have to admire Ben for living a life of surfing and barefeet in Hawaii. ;-)

Love Song for No one, John Mayer: My love life. I have never had one. Hahaha! And so this song is pretty good at describing my life as I have always known it. While it is a personal choice for me to be alone, it doesn’t mean, the words “I am so tired of being alone so hurry up and get here.” don’t describe me sometimes…the other reason this song is perfect for my soundtrack, it is upbeat…you might think because I have such a nonexistent love life the song I would choose would be all melancholy…but no….I am pretty happy waiting. Maybe not “happy” but hopeful at least ;-)

Both Sides Now, Joni Mitchelle: My sad song. There is something about this song that always gets me. It expresses the loss of childhood innocence that I guess we all face at some point or another, and for me this song would have been playing in the background when I realized things weren’t all roses…

Extreme Ways, Moby: This song has been on SO many movie soundtracks…why cant it be in my life too? But actually, I have always had a thing for this song…it’s the ultimate driving song. I have had moments when I just wanted to DRIVE AWAY from it all. And while I have a feeling I will never actually do it. Pretty much what I am saying is with the grace of God I am a pretty together person, but I do have moments when I want to throw in the towel…. So for those moments I DO have a driving away from it all song.

Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours, Stevie Wonder: Its hard to find a song that really describes those happy uninhibited moments. The best I can do is give you this song which ALWAYS puts a little dance in my step. And besides it’s a little uninhibited in itself. So this is the song that would be playing when I am dancing around my room when no ones watching…

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