April 12, 2005

Annoyed+ random thoughts=this blog

I HATE online shopping...but this is what I am resorted to if I want to "beat" my parents with getting my sister the best birthday present...yes, I know its not a competition....luckily. hehe...
ANYWAY. I have been trying to find the perfect gift (I know what I want....) for about 2 hours now...plus a goodly time that I spent at work on Sunday morning....and yet nothing. *whimper*

To make matters worse, I know ANNA could find it in a second, the women is a magician when it comes to finding things on the internet...boo! I wish I was talent :-P

I am having to listen to some Jack Black to cheer myself up.

Hey, did I tell you I got my very first checkbook this past week? It was totally exciting...I sat there looking at those checks (cheques:NZ spelling) feeling totally grown up. I am glad the US hasnt gone totally electronic like NZ...I was sorta sad when I didnt have checks there....I mean, you grow up playing "mommy" with your fake check book and fake credit cards...it would be just WRONG not to grow up and have those things ;-) Anyway, I still havent WRITTEN my first veryown check yet...but when the time comes I am sure it will be exciting.

I sat in the sun for an hour and a half this afternoon...the flies and the heat made it less than perfect, but CLOSE nonetheless.

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