April 05, 2005

Are we good now?

I think besides my darling archives I think we are back to normal ( minus the color change which is "growing on me")

And I think I may have totally recovered from yesterday-after some reflection, and without making TOO big of a deal out of this, I have realized once again how much of a pattern can be seen in my life....it seems that everytime something "of note" happens in my family/private life.....I usually find myself having the worst possible day right before said event occures. Stupid Devil...always trying to bring us down! grrrr! oh, but I will fight! And I am sort of sheepish about my behaviour over my blog...while it DID feel like I had lost part of myself ( i still feel that way about it) I shouldnt have dwelt upon it for such an extended period of time...time I could have been praying....praying for things that are actually IMPORTANT!
I was reading in Luke last night about Martha getting mad about Mary sitting at Jesus's feet...and Jesus said to Martha-You are worried about too many things when really there is only ONE thing of importance and Mary has identified that ( The Abigail Version) it was a perfect passage for me last night.....*sigh* constantly learning these lessons, aye?

So, some of you have been wondering how I could have actually deleted my blog, you are right, it does take a bit of effort...but the truth is I had this "other blog" that I hadnt told anyone about as of yet...and I had decided I didnt like the URL for it...and that I was just going to start over...therefore delete it...now, this said blog was listed below Abigail's Day on my list of blogs ( in Blogger) and I THOUGHT I was clicking on IT and deleting it...so when the window popped up saying "Are you sure you want to delete this blog and all its posts?" I clicked ok.... after all I had only posted a few times...
then I went back to my dashboard and there was that blog...still there...and where was Abigail's Day???? it was at this moment that my heart stopped and I yelled NOOOOOOOOOO! ( luckily no one was home)
I tried everything to out wit blogger at this point-but it wasnt long before I realized my fatal error...and that is how it happened. The End.

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