April 06, 2005

working, sleeping, eating...

That's what I did today. My throat hurts and I am achy and tired and I took the longest nap this afternoon-about 3 hours.
I am now preparing to go back to sleep...I totally believe the best medicane is sleeping.
Tomorrow I have to be at work at 7:30 AM. To tell you the truth I am getting used to the early mornings. But, my question is-am I getting boring? I mean, I am 21 years old...yet I have been asked my several of my doctors that I work for what my hobbies are...and....well....I didnt have much to say...all the things I thought of were things I dont do anymore. swimming? not anymore. working with a church group? not anymore. Hanging out with my friends? not anymore.
I am not saying all this as complaint its just an observation I have made...a sort of bittersweetish one...because I wouldnt say I am "unhappy" at the moment.....unhappy seems to strong of a word. My prayer is that I enjoy this time in my life for what it is-not thinking of how it could be better, more fun....I dont know...

A note before I go:
Oh. I just shake my head at all the comments about the new blog colors...it wasnt long ago that I was listening to comments of how my last blog "clashed".....you people just cant be pleased ;-)

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