April 25, 2005


I talked to Lydia and Emma last night-surprise!
And while I was totally totally happy to talk to them...i didnt get to sleep until 1AM...without doing my quiet time :-(
HOWEVER, I told myself it was allll going to be ooookkkkk....because I was working the "early" shift at work ( aka 7AM-1PM) and I would be able to take the afternoon to take a nap and do my quiet time...it would be good, it would be grand...

Waking up this morning was HORRIBLE and if there had ever been a time when I reeeeally wanted to still be in Uni ( so that I could skip class) THIS was the day....buuuut I kept thinking about that great nap I was going to take and I made it to work all blurry-eyed...

Demetrius called, she is in Houston and isnt coming into work today. I am going to work straight from 7-5:30. I hate today.

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