April 23, 2005

rantings of the day

My sister gave her computer back to my father saying….she didn’t want it anymore.
I totally understand. Her computer was for ever messing up. Her computer was annoying. And besides, one can blame computers so much easier than one can blame actual people.

In SAYING all that, this means I cant check my emails before bed when I am at her house…and I cant blog before bed either for that matter… that I don’t really like.

But, tonight I am at my parents house for the first time in….four days. I sorta miss it here, because all my clothes are here…all my shoes. Actually all MY things are in this house. I usually just take the clothes I am going to wear the next day to Anna’s….oh, and PJs….in fact, the only thing that lives at her house permanently are a replica of all the devotionals that I read for my quiet time…its VERY handy having TWO copies of the one year bible, TWO Utmost For His Highest and TWO Daily Lights…so I have gotten into the habit of carrying my journal around in my purse-since it’s the only thing I don’t have two of….
Of course, I love hanging out with my sister...and I love staying with her ( so dont think I am complaining)

Besides, I realized because of my precarious living situation my car has reeeally started to turn into a closet. Example: Today I was wearing a jean skirt and a black t-shirt with my red shoes…evening came and so did cooler weather…luckily I found a pink sweater in the back of my car…after putting it on I realized that the shoes did NOT go…but I had FIVE pairs of shoes in the back of my car too…so, obviously finding some black flip-flops ( jandles) wasn’t hard….very handy…very cluttered.

Man, there have been a lot of things on my mind today. But, now when I finally have the chance to share my mind…blank. OH! I remember one….

I am reeeally down on the USA at the moment. I am totally hating on it as a country. No, that seems too harsh. I like the “people” I hate the “government” ( I put that in “ “ because it seemed fitting…don’t know why) – I just don’t trusted the system of government at ALL. I mean, I used to have this faith in it….this faith that I hadn’t actually tested and I only had because I watched TV and it proved that things were safe and bad people were put away in nice clean cells with other bad people where they could all get better together and all good people lived happily ever after being eternally grateful for the nice laws that kept them separate from the bad people….BOY, was I wrong. HA!
Note the sarcasm…

Sooo, anyway, I have been thinking about it and this was definitely the last straw, I have officially fallen out of love with the United States of America. Now, don’t get me wrong I still have some strange patriotic thing going on to the point of standing up for my country and my countrymen to the point of anything…but I don’t want to live here. Hahahah!
Now, obviously this means I just need to move to another country where I can BE an American ( I will always be) and live the life of some OTHER COUNTRY…theory: that country wont bother me because I am not a part of its particular nation of people…yeeeessss….leave me alone governments, I hate you.

Countries I am considering at the moment:
1. Malta
2. New Zealand
3. Bermuda
4. Australia

With all THAT said...I will stay RIGHT HERE until told ( by God) otherwise.....

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