April 11, 2005

Dont drink the water.

Nacogdoches lives right next to another town called Lufkin. Lufkin has much better stores and much better resturants and yet all that is overshadowed by their horrible horrible water. When one goes to a resturant in Lufkin one has to remember to order a coke or some other soft drink to mask the nasty taste. I always assumed that the water was only bad in taste-but after further study and two visits in the past month it can be deducted that bad taste is not the only hazard of drinking....

Visit number one:
My sister and I were enjoying the yummy cheese biscuits ( as in scones not cookies, NZers) at Red Lobster when an even cheesier song came over the sound system...the song was the first hit Kelly Clarkson had after winning American Idol- "For A moment like this"....Anna noticed the song, and made a sarcastic face to which I laughed but then we were both distracted by a sound coming from across the resturant. There was a girl holding a snapshot up over her head, singing. Singing with all her heart. Singing the words right along with Kelly. Now, this girl singing...didnt just sing along with the chorus, no she sang the whole song, swaying the photo above her head while the ( unlucky) person she was sitting with watched with slight amusment on their face...and yet, no one else seemed to notice. It seemed that Anna and I were the only ones who realized that this wasnt normal resturant behavior.
Anna and I stared. It was one of those moments when you feel that staring is appropriate. After all a moment like THAT doesnt come along everyday.
The moment passed and Anna and I turned back to our food-everything seemed to go back to normal as though nothing had happened at all. But we knew better. We knew there had been a moment.

Visit number 2:
Anna, Micah and I decided to go to Ralph and Kakoos, another resturant in Lufkin. As we were being lead to our booth I had a feeling, even then, that this wasnt a normal place. For one thing were the ONLY non-pentecostal in the room. * definition of pentecostal is a little different in Texas so please look at the bottom of this post for an Abigail Guide if you are not familiar*
I was starting to feel just a TAD on the uncomfortable side but Anna pointed out that there must be a pentecostal festival going on somewhere...to which my pictoral mind immediately pictured a bunch of women with beehive hair eating cotton candy and turkey legs and I felt much better. HAHAH! I dont know WHAT she meant by "festival" but it was funny...
Annnyway, we had settled in with our menus and our waitress had arrived to take our orders. I was in the MIDST of saying, " I would like a piece of Key Lime Pie, please." When my attention went to the family getting up from the table behind us, the words froze on my tongue as I watched a little boy of about five walked up behind Micah's head ( Anna and I were facing me and could not see what was going on.) The little boy the pointed his finger about an inch from Micah's head and said. "Look at THIS guy!"...at this point his parents said, "Stop that you are scaring people!"

But personally I would have liked to know what the kid was going to say next....but we were all laughing so hard that it took me a few moments to get my key lime pie order out....so maybe it was better he wasnt given the opportunity to say more.

Yes, after such odd occurances I would have to say it is dangerous to even drink the water...I wouldnt be too quick to give it blame for the odd behaviour in that town.

* pentecostals believe that women should never cut their hair, not wear makeup and always wear a long skirt. The women are easy to pick out in a crowd because of their tendency to have "big hair" with lots of poofiness and lots of krimping and big bangs ( or fringe)...they always seem to wear eighties type clothing too...but obviously I am stereotyping here...*

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