April 22, 2005

the good icing...

have you had that really nasty new fangled icing that supermarkets are putting on their cakes now days? its like "whipped nothing"....it has NO good qualities such as lots of sugar which is what I always loved about traditional "birthday cake'....anyway, I have been craving the good supermarket icing for DAYS and finally yesterday I went out and bought a birthday cake...luckily Anna's birthday was on Tuesday so it wasnt TOO much of a stretch...and yet, I have a feeling I would have bought the cake anyway....so....what does THAT say about me?
Anyway, I had to search through the cakes to find one withOUT the nasty whipped nothing icing....and my question is....
this whipped nothing icing is supposedly "low fat" and I am just wondering WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND thinks "birthday cake" and "low fat" in the SAME THOUGHT?!?!?!

So, you havent heard too much from me in the past few days...and to tell you the truth you havent missed TOO much when it comes to the goings on of my brain ( which is what this blog is, just in case you didnt know)....I havent THOUGHT much at all...autopilot is what times like these really calls for.
And this is why I have been thinking about my auto pilot setting...you really have to work on it! I mean, if you dont reeeeeally focus on what is inside of you, not just to cover it up, but to actually FIX it ( which can only been done with the grace of God) ....then when your normal pattern of thinking is interrupted and you go into the "automatic settings" what is there? Whats going to come out? its a scary thought....its times like these that there is no pretending....there is no "save face" ....its just the REAL you. *shudder* I am telling you, this is sobering! If all of YOUR social graces were stripped....all of your ability to cover up and make excuses were gone....what would be seen? Would there be God's grace there to cover up what was left?
The end result is, I am so glad I am a christian, I am glad my life is covered in Jesus.

I had a birthday dinner with Katie last night...we had good times....discussion of really bad early ninties styles really made me laugh...and also made me really want a pair of Jellies....ahhhhh! my silver sparkly high-heeled plastic Jellies really knew how to make a girl feel beautiful and special...in FACT, I would have to say ( shamefully) that the Jelly was the first pair of shoes that made my heart flutter...of course, ones feet got insanely sweaty wearing an all plastic shoe with no padding...and when one took the shoe off at the end of a long day playing to find MUD ( sweat and dirty ew) ....but, this was ALLLLL worth it for those "grown up" sparkles....the clicking sound they made on the kitchen floor...the way they dressed up your jean shorts and t-shirt....awwww....why dont they make them anymore?!?!

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