April 14, 2005

pillow talk

i am lying in bed with my ankle/foot propped up on a pillow. I dont really know what it will accomplish afterall I think you are only suppose to elevate a twisted ankle right after you do it...and *i* twisted mine yesterday ( you know, during the crappy day of dac)
Yeah, I didnt have the heart to tell you about it yesterday...but I went to work out ( you know, get out all the badness of the day out of me in the form of sweat) when I totally rolled my ankle- I made this little yelping sound when it happened and I stumbled but luckily caught myself....luckily almost everyone in the room kindly ignored me but the girl next to me was like, "are you ok?" and so I had to say: "Oh, YEAH!" make a sad attempt at a laugh...the worst part was because she was watching I had to get up and start running in place again...as though I was totally fine....I think thats why my ankle still hurts :-P
All for the sake of saving face! YES it WAS worth it...thanks for asking.

Thoughts from my brain today:

1. I really wish I was in NZ today more than any day...missing Lydia's 21st birthday party. makes me miss her like...well, yes, crazy ( pills).
2. I love itunes...I have just listened to Straight from the Heart ( bryan Adams) , Everything ( ben harper) Come Thou Font ( Claire Holley) and King of Fools ( Delirious) all in a row...*sigh* makes me waaay happy.
3. I missed the HT lounge at Carrington...while I was watching Without a Trace tonight.
4. I cant tell you how excited I am that tomorrow is Friday.
5. friends that I thanked God for specifically today: Emma, Kristy, Tabitha ( they all blessed me with emails today!)

My ankle is THROBBING...meeeeh.

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