April 16, 2005

Saturdays are awesome...

especially when they are sunny and you dont have to work.

I just finished making Raspberry slice for the graduation party at my church this afternoon....yes, Jared, I plan to win friends and influence people with it! ;-)

The smell of chocolate is filling the house and I am listening to Third Day's "King of Glory" at top volume as I sit at the dinning room table. There are some things I REEEALLY miss about living "alone" and that is not getting to listen to music on top volume...luckily I have a car for that! ;-) And my parents are actually very very cool about it most of the time- I just feel guilty ( for no reason) and therefore only feel reeeeally good about it when I am alone-like now.

So, today I have been really homesick for my NZers...especially Lydia. Its her birthday. Happy 21st Birthday, Darling...I love you like no other!

I was just talking to my mother about a journal prompt she gave to her class "the soundtrack to your life."
wow. I wouldnt even KNOW where to begin with that one! there are so many songs that would be appropriate so I am going to think about that one...maybe come up with about 5-10 songs....it will be fun. ;-) My mom is SUCH a cool teacher...I would have LOVED having her!! Luckily I have her as a mom which is even cooler.

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