May 24, 2005

1. The Sun(shine) will come out ( tomorrow): Jeremy Makes my day

As you all know, besides writing lots and lots in my OWN blog, one of my favorite things is reading OTHER people's delights me. I am truly addicted.
Now, I am NOT the type to go out and "surf" the blogging world, there are too many crazy people...and, can I say, BAD writing out there for me to waste my time reading their blogs-besides I have reality tv if I ever feel like being reeeeally lame.

Soooo, this leaves me people that I know. Now, I have to admit, sometimes I can stretch my boundries and read the blogs of my friend's friends...buuuuut, thats because-hey, I like my friends enough to figure I'll like THEIR friends. :-P

However, the best possible thing is when people I really like, people that I enjoy talking to, people who are good writers, people that I dont get to see often/ever, people that I find it hard to keep up with...when THEY start up blogs it makes me very very happy.
So, when I was having my "not sleeping because I'm stressing night of 23 May 2005" I found out that our dear friend Sunshine has re-instated a blog on the fine world of the internet. WOOOOooo.
So, Here's to you Sunshine-I hope you find your niche in the blogging world and enjoy it in the process...I cant wait to read it! :-)

PS. Since we are talking about blogs, I might as well go ahead and address an issue- I loved doing interviews with my fine fellow bloggers...but I find it a lot harder to do interviews with those of you that dont post very often-so THERE"S some added incentive for ya, ( *cough*cough* Jared)

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