May 04, 2005

Dear Abbey...

I recieved a really great email last night. Put so well...and since friendship seems to be on my mind today...

No man is an island and no-one can be completely sufficient
in themselves. We need people (especially friends) to help us, to cheer us
up when we are down, to send us mail, to make us laugh and laugh with, to
share things with (including dessert because as we all know, it doesn't count
when you share it), to give us a hug when there is nothing to say, to point
out when we are wrong, to sings songs with (especially when you can't sing
all that well), to loan you things, to inspire you, to provide different
points of view, to dress you up and make you believe that you are beautiful.
There are so may things that we need other people for and so many little
things that each of us are needed for. So unless you are a recluse, and you
are not, there are many, many people out there who need you, including me.

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