May 04, 2005


So, I am listening to Lydia's first mix CD, "Some Songs for Life: Vol. 1"

You know, I am really a words person, and I think that is one reason music speaks to me so much. I love the words they express-emotions....emotions I often dont dwell on and yet speak such truths, so its good when I DO dwell on them...

Last night I had an AWESOME prayer time with Carmi over the phone....I really cant remember the last time I had such a good one-well, probably the last time I was with her! hehe....yeah, there is a lot to be said about praying with others...I have missed such prayer times with dear friends. It is a comfort to know that such times dont have to stop, that I will continue to be given such refreshing from these dear friends...friends that take the statement "friends forever" literally.

I know Lydia posted the lyrics to this song on HER blog...but IS so good...and it is how I feel about my friends at the moment...

Take my hand and walk with me a while
Cause it seems your smile has left you
And don't give in, when you fall apart
And your broken heart has failed you
I'll set a light up
On a hilltop
To show you my love
For this world to see

You can borrow mine
When your hope is gone
Borrow mine
When you can't go on
'Cause the world will not defeat you
When we're side by side
When your faith is hard to find
You can borrow mine

Take my love when all that you can see
Is the raging sea all around us
And don't give up 'cause I'm not letting go
And the God we know will not fail us
We'll lay it all down
As we call out
Sweet Savior
help our unbelief
When you are weak
Unable to speak
You are not alone
The God who has saved us
Will never forsake us
he's coming to take us
Take us to our home

Bebo Norman: Borrow Mine

So, thanks, Lyds.....
Thanks Carmi....

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