May 09, 2005

Episode #4: DVD dream

Finally had a moment to sit down and start watching season 4 of the Gilmore Girls...I know, I know, you missed the constant references to the show, but dont worry! Its back in my life ;-)
Of course, it makes me miss... well, lots of people: Penny, because she was my first fan friend... Carmi because of the monumental season finale we watched together last year...Emma and Lydia, for the hours and hours and hours we spent watching season three together.

Anyway, Anna and I watched the last episode of season three again to give us a running start into this next season....I am glad we did, it had really been awhile! in fact, all I could remember was "the kiss" when infact there were lots of little petty things going on too...Anna said it was a "lesson on life" that it is the good "kisses" in life that we remember not the petty argument...

nice try at making Gilmore Girls so meaningful, Anna!

I, however, dont care how many life lessons I get out of the is SUCH great distraction from life! SUCH fun!
Annnnnd, on DVD there are no ad can go, with great ease, from one episode to the next...the one problem: its hard to stop

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