May 09, 2005

Episode #3: Recipe Retard

Mother's Day....Sunday....Anna and I had spent many a moment in the past week planning it...we made the menu, we spent time shopping etc...and through it all I thought of my mother...

First off, Wal Mart is a NIGHTMARE. I hate it, and shopping there stinks, I had to actually call anna on my cell phone to ask where the cottage cheese should be.
But, the lesson I learned from going to the supermarket after a long day at work is that your feet HURT and you are TIRED. Poor mothers. My mother has gone supermarket shopping after work for yeeeears.

Second, my sister inherited one of my mother's funniest traits. A long standing joke in my family is that my mother will actually go into a store and come out and say, "they dont have any milk." And we allll know that Milk is a staple and ALL stores have milk unless it was during the dairy cow scare of 1998, which didnt really happen....or the time a friend that was living with my family had shaved his beard that he had forever and my mother didnt notice for yes, unobservent... but funny.
So, my sister and I had a plan for my mother's mother'sday pressy....we had two pictures one of each of us receiving our diploma's at graduation from university...the great thing about the pictures are they are almost identical, they are captured at almost the exact same moment of shaking hands with some official person...we have similar goofy grins...all in all...cute pictures. But we needed to get the pictures sized and we needed a good frame. Perfect, two jobs...two daughters.
I was sent to get the pictures sized and Anna was off to Hobby Lobby to get the frame....
she returned unhappy...she couldnt find ANYTHING that worked. It was upsetting...we were both bummed...but on Friday I had a moment and so *i* met Anna and Hobby Lobby...after walking around for only a few moments I had collected about 4 frames that were varying in perfection....among them was a reeeally cool frame that had two sides and swivled around so that you could turn it and change which picture you had in the front...totally cool.
And totally funny how Anna hadnt been able to find ANYTHING.

Anna and I prepared Lunch for my was going to be cake was as flat as.....something flat. And Anna's pasta was hard.
Boo! It was funny though...and we are going to try again next sunday- especially since Wednesday is her Birthday...hopefully we can follow recipes a little better next time! ( life lesson: Egg Substitute is NOT the same thing as Egg White Substitute)

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