May 13, 2005

funny thing just happened...

So, I was posting a comment on a blog...and I caught myself saying the word "darlo" in my head...

The word is derived from its orginal word of "darling"...and my grandmother converted it into its new and improved word of "darl-o" for her own personal use. The word has had special place in my heart ever since. I havent used it in ages, but I think its about time I revived it.
Grandmother died when I was 14. I still miss her.
She was the essense of cool and when she gave you the compliment of being "darl-o" you just couldnt help but feel extra special and styl-y.
She, afterall, seemed to exude style and class. Of course, one of MY personal favorite stories is when she got expelled from Texas Tech University for wearing green toenail polish....which is "technically" not classy...or at least it wasnt at the time. But, as a 12 yearold who wore a clownsuit to school because she was "having a bad day" ( yup, i did) it was only something to aspire to.

Another great college/university story of my Grandmother's is when she permed her hair to bad affect....her hair was burned and ruined. My grandmother, not to be undone, promptly when out and boughts scarfs of every color and design. She couldnt have looked cuter in the months ahead as her hair "healed"....yup, even fashion mistakes can be made into fashion statements of the fabulous nature...

These stories of a time before I knew her were only believeable because they were reinforced by the grandmother that I knew....a few days ago I saw a pair of sandels, gold and shiny...something *i* could never get away with, but that are really in this season....these sandels just flooded my mind with memories of my grandmother with sandels JUST LIKE THAT. Yup, from pictures of her surrounded by her four children running the pictures of her holding grandchildren-she always had pose, she always had class, she always had such cute shoes... Just darlo.

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