May 23, 2005

I didnt brush my teeth...

and I dont have any gum....

yeah, I am tempted to leave this post like that because it gives good words to the way I'm feeling and yet is vague enough...buuuut, we all know when I have really bad days I am not one to hold back :-P

The Longest (bad) Monday Morning:

It started when the phone rang at 3:30am. Who knows how long it had been ringing when I actually woke up, realized it was in the middle of the night, that no one was awake and that I should probably get the phone. Anyway, the person on the other end of the phone said, "I am looking for Abbey."
I totally didnt recognize the voice but it was male, they had called me Abbey and they had an I was trying to think (which wasnt working at 3:32am) when the person obviously realized my confusion and said...
"This is Philip."

"oooooh....Phil!" I think to myself while I walk into the kitchen to look at the clock on the microwave.
Phil: What time is it? You are 18 hours behind us right? So its like 12 noon?

( actually its 17 hours behind) but that didnt stop Phil from being reeeallly bad at math.)

but at 3:35am I am a girl of few words so I just said, "No, its 3am!)
Phil: Wow, I didnt realize, sorry!

Phil then proceeds to ask me questions about Steph who is coming to visit in a few days, now if you know phil at all...which a few of you do, you know that he can have a really "offical" voice and he proceeded to use this "official questioning" voice througout our conversation, it really added an aspect of scariness to the whole thing-or maybe it was just because it was 3:42am.

So it turns out that Steph, who is supposedly in LA at the moment, has not contacted her parents as of yet-they are obviously worried and want to know if I know how to contact her-which I dont. So, I tell Phil I will make sure she contacts them when I pick her up at the airport and we hang up.
Its 3:50am and I cant sleep.
I realize that I have no way of contacting Steph's parents if for some reason something IS up with Steph. I then totally start worrying about her, I mean whhhhhyyyy hasnt she contacted them? She's traveled before, so surely she would have called, stopped in at an internet cafe...SOMETHING.
Its now 4:30am.
I just cant take it anymore...and I have a very strange urge to talk to SOMEONE ....I thought about all the people that know Steph well...Kristy: She'd be at work.
Lydia: I didnt want to bother her.
Carmi: I didnt even know if she was back in Dunedin yet.
Sam: ....SAM! WOooo! I NEED to talk to Sam.

I get on MSN.
Sunshine was online so ended up talking to him for a while, which was actually really perfect because I got my mind off of my fears...and then Sam came home and so he was able to give me Phil's cell phone number ( now I can call him for an update or at least to get Steph's parents number)

Finally at a quarter to 5 I got offline and tried to sleep.

The story isnt over yet!
I woke up from a restless/half awake sleep at 7:23am ( now, lets all do some quick math )I live 15 minutes to 20 minutes from work...and I need to be at work at 7:30.
I think even Phil would get the math right on this one....i was LATE.

And while I found myself behind several HORRIBLE DRIVES WHO THINK DRIVING, SMOKING, and TALKING ON ONES CELL PHONE IS OK....I made it to work with 15 minutes before my doctors arrive at 8. ( thus why I havent brushed my teeth...I feel gross)

But, the good things that happened in all this badness:
I actually woke up at all! Considering I hadnt had much sleep.
There werent very many films this morning...a miracle since Dr. Barf was on duty in the ER and he is KNOWN for ordering tons of studies.

So, while things havent gone so well...i think God for getting me here without TOO much stress, if bad breath

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