May 22, 2005

Got it!

I cant believe its almost Monday again, or at least that it will be Monday when I wake up...and I AM going to bed in 10 minutes whether I've finished this blog or not...
Sunday's always go by too fast! Today's sermons were really really good and I came home wanting more from myself...also feeling totally hopeless as to ever getting "there". There being somewhere better than "here". ( yes, I know...thats vague...but I'll give you a hint that these arent physical places I speak of.)

Did I tell you that I have finished an entire journal since returning to the states? Yup, Emma gave me a new journal at the airport in LA when I was coming back from NZ and I have not completely filled its pages... I think journals are fascinating, for me it is easier to look at time through the pages of a journal than any other see my pains and my triumphs spelled out for me over pages of a journal just as they filled time and space-it makes some things a lot clearer. I gotta say, the end of this particular journal really threw me for a loop...I felt like I had failed at something...that journal was HARDOUT in a slightly "downward" manner-struggletastic to be exact ( Benton 2005)...and while I have great faith that their will be times of Spiritual Mountain tops in my future they sure didnt come before I had filled hundreds of pages of valleys....ah well, I guess its a lesson that God's time can not be dictated by me...or by the pages of my journal! :-)
My new journal is totally cool...I got it for Christmas from Billie and Steve and its been patiently waiting for me to be ready for is beeeeautiful with a red and gold leather cover and a magnet clasp that keeps it closed...ahhhh....there is nothing like writing on fresh pages! :-P

Today, I helped Thomas make a birthday surprise for his special lady was fun...although I almost hyperventilated because I blew up so many balloons one right after another....I hope this means that my future is full of romance too ;-) I feel like I am constantly helping guys make OTHER girl's days! hehehe.....oh well, there are definitely worse fates!

Anna and I have ONE MORE episode of Season Three of the Gilmore Girls....ahhhhhh! the suspense is killing me ;-)

I re-discovered Shane& Shane tonight....mmmmmm! perfect for the mood I'm in!!

I am getting excited about Steph's visit....I see lots and lots of lack of sleep coming in the next week or so ( her plane doesnt get to Houston until 12:30 at night...and I have to drive home and work the next day! woo!!) but its totally worth it!! I just hope she has fun here!!! I am going to be counting on other people, my family mostly, to step up and "entertain" while I am at work!! So, if any Nacogdoches people out there want a very very cool New Zealand girl to spend some quality time with them in the next week...let me know, I'll be taking applications as of tomorrow :-)

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