May 19, 2005

Little Treasures

So, as many of you may know...I stay at my sister's house quite a bit...such an arrangment can generate tons of good fun-we end up laughing a LOT ( and yes, carmi...we go right on to throwing our head backs and doing silent laughter more times than not!) and I've really enjoyed getting to know Anna better. Living in different cities/countries for the past...long time....its been nice re-adjusting to each other, I had never realized just how similar we actually are-we laugh at the same things, we gasp at the same things, we say the same stupid things at the same inappropriate times...its really quite scary. But, then something happened that reminded me that, no, there were still those crucial differences created by the unequal handing out of our parents genes...

"The Treasure"

It was a Saturday night and Anna asked Abigail nicely to please clean her room.
Abigail felt a little bad that Anna felt she actually had to ASK, but then when she actually went into "her room" she looked about only to see that the bed wasnt made-so she made the bed, wondering to herself, why at 9PM Anna felt like the bed needed to be "neat and tidy" ... buuut Abigail was already feeling guilty that Anna had had to ask and so she just muttered "Po-TA-to, Po-ta-TO" under her breath made the bed and went back about her business....
Later, Anna asked Abigail if she had cleaned her room, to which Abigail responded, "Well, yes, but it wasnt dirty..."
Anna replied," What about the trash on the floor??"
Abigail(outloud) -" There wasnt any trash on the floor!"
Anna (outloud)-"Well, ok, then."
Anna (to herself)" She probably just picked it up without realizing it."
Abigail (to herself) " She is probably imagining things."

Later in the night Anna walked past Abigail's room and said, "Abigail, the trash is STILL on the floor!"
Abigail was a bit shocked by this, since she hadnt seen the trash in the first place, but she was willing to give Anna the benefit of the doubt and so she said, "Oh! I didnt see! Sorry..."
This, of course, was the last Abigail thought of it. She went to bed later that night, and since she didnt see any 'trash' she figured that Anna had picked it up, afterall...who "sees" trash and then doesnt go ahead and pick it up, especially if you are as trash-conscious as Anna??

time passed....
On Wednesday night Anna says to Abigail, "what are your plans tomorrow morning?"
Abigail, who had no idea where the conversation was going, casually responded, " I am going in to work around 11."
Anna then said, "Well, tomorrow would you please make your bed before the cleaners get here...and also, could you put your special treasures that you've kept on the floor somewhere else?"
Abigail, "WHAT?"
Anna, "weeeelll, you never picked up those little pieced of paper off of the floor...sooo, I figurd you must want to KEEP the paper..."
Abigail, recognizing sarcasm when she hears it, got up off the couch and went into the bedroom in question, Anna followed behind..."

There it was...two tiny pieced of paper and a plastic bag on the other side of the bed, slightly under the bed to be exact...." Abigail got down on the floor to pick up the paper, but more accurately it was easier for her to laugh whilest sitting on the floor.
Abigail asked Anna, after the laughter had died down, why she hadnt picked up the paper when she saw it the second time, afterall, it was obvious Abigail hadnt seen it...Anna said it was to make a point...A point that Abigail probably would have NEVER gotten.
There was a pause and Anna said, " And there's the empty waterbottle on your bedside table!" ( As though they had been discussing the empty ( trashy) waterbottle for an hour already...when in reality this moment was the first Abigail had thought of the water bottle....ever. And it was the fifty-millioneth moment Anna had thought of it.)
Buuuut, this time Abigail had learned her lesson, she knew that this was a notsosubtle hit and she promptly picked up the water bottle and put it in the pastic bag.

The moral of the story...
Oh whatever, its just funny.

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