May 20, 2005

only interesting to me...

Part of my job is making a log of all the patience and the procedure they had done...I write down their name, medical records number, age, doctors name, type of x-ray...this sort of thing. Anyway, I have found myself pondering the people behind the name, some names give you more of a mental image than others...I've also wonder about how well first and last names go together....and when they DO go well together, especially the women-I then wonder if they are married ( meaning was it on purpose that their first and last name both end in "z"?) I've started playing guessing games with myself, such as I try to guess the person's age just by their name-its harder than you might think...

Now, it might sound like I had a boring day with all this talk-but actually I've hardly had a moment to sit down ( this is the first)...see? Arent I awesome, I can do all this gameplaying about names AND do nonstop work at the same time!? woooooo!

Today, I hated the fax machine...and the ER.
Today, I loved seeing my mother before work ( she had the day off) and watching jeopardy ( the guy who won look so freakishly like Sunshine I did a doubletake...hahaha!)

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