May 22, 2005

Revenge of the Stupid

So, the family and I decided to go see Episode III on Saturday afternoon, and to tell you the truth I was looking forward to it, even though I felt that Eps I, II were totally lame....I figured that there was NO WAY the third and final installment could be that bad and so I was half excited ( just to give you the back ground)

BESIDES, I love going to full movie theatres with lots of excited fans, that is why I have always been the kind to go to midnight have such a connection with the other audience can feeel the excitment!

So, there we were, in a packed theatre, so packed in fact that the family had to split up and my sister and I were in a middle row packed between two families....
the trailers start...and there it is, something to REEEEEALLLY get me excited-the trailer for The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe...AHHHH! I turn to my sister with glee! This is it, this is the movie I am SOO excited about! The trailer starts of with the children entering the professors house and so I am just WAITING for the moment they finally show us Narnia when.....BLANK.
The projector blacks out and all you can hear is the stirring music of the trailer...and a gasp from the audience.

we wait, we continue to listen to the trailer I so wanted to see...
my father finally gets up ( because no one else is) and goes into the movie theatre lobby and tells the manager, who is hanging out doing nothing, what happened. The manager says " Oh, yeah, we knew the bulb was going out..."

ummmm....ok....THAT was a smart move, putting a packed out movie in a theatre with a bad projector! uh-huh.

So, the movie starts, the screen lights up again and we watch the classic "StarWars scroll" before....and yes...its true, the projector goes out again....
this time with the idea of HEARING the sounds of "space fighting" happening without the visual ( which is pretty much equal with annoying bugs flying around your head) the audience was NOT willing to sit and wait patiently...
I watched and as large men with giant drink and popcorn in hand ( think of the comicbook guy from the simpsons and you've got your visual) lumber up the asle. Anna and I laughed.
I was still annoyed about not seeing my trailer...but I COULD enjoy a bunch of agitated fans. Anna said this was the time for the angry riot , and right on cue the two little kids behind us said:
kid 1: We should start a mob.
kid 2: yeah...but someone might get hurt..
kid 1: ooo...true, or even KILLED!

Ok, so it wasnt quite THAT dramatic but we did end up leaving after the projector broke a third time only five minutes into the film...I was already feeling "out of the action" and besides I wanted to come back and see that preview!
So we got our money back with the rest of the angry masses....

So, the story is funny but I DO want to rant about that irresponsible manager:
Not only did he put an important movie in a bad theatre, he was not up in the projector room to see if it WOULD work, instead he was hanging out in the lobby ( strike one and two)
THEN when things did get a big sticky he DID go up to the projector room and didnt come down, making his poor highschool employees get yelled at my big scary nerd men all alone without any back up. ( strike three)
AND if I was going to make the mistake of thinking this manager WAS intellegent I would say he did an excellent job of selling us 20 dollars worth of concessions knowing that we wouldnt be seeing a movie and that we would probably come back to see it again...meaning MORE concession money. smart. really smart. or should I say LUCKY, because I know that manager doesnt have a brain to think up such clever plots.

So, thats how I ended my afternoon watching episode II on DVD.

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