June 09, 2005

Evan wins with four....

Wooo....look at all those comments, I guess this proves that words to comments ratio is a little lopsided...I should start having one word posts and see how many THAT gets me ;-)


Hey, so since we are on this line of thought-its 10:38PM and I'm glad today is over. To comment on my OWN post I would have to say that life can be overwhelming sometimes and, well, it caught up with me this morning. Buuuut, on the bright side- I got off of work at 10:30 ( afterall it was SUPPOSE to be my day off!) and had some "alone" time with myself during which time I watched episodes of Scrubs, watched Return to Me, cleaned my sister's house, took a nap and got my oil changed in my car...not necessarily in that order...but all in good timing.

THEN I had a visit with my Aunt Janis, my cousin Emily, her three children ( including the ADORABLE baby Abigail...awwwww!) and my new Cousin-in-law ( is that what you call it?) Susan.....
it was very nice to see them, I always wish circumstances allowed for more time to hang out.....

OH! annnnd I saw Cinderella Man with Kathleen....she was great fun to watch movies with-we both cried....I give the movie a GREAT big thumbs up. Russell Crowe was amazingly good.

So, I left my journal at my sister's house....drat! It's hard for me to think without my journal!! meeeeeh! how am I suppose to have a quiet time without it?!?!?!?!!!
I have so many thoughts in my head, and now I have no where to put them!

I've cried three times today.
Which reminds me....

Rude thing I heard this week:
"when women cry....its always just their hormones acting up."

SERIOUSLY, I couldnt believe I heard that coming SERIOUSLY from someones mouth....I was in shock and it took me a good few minutes to realize just how sexist and awful it was....I almost cried.

Hahaha...just kidding...I didnt cry, I was too indignite...I'll have you know, that of the three times I cried today-two of them were over movies and the other one was while I was praying, all very good reasons-SO THERE. ;-P

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