June 02, 2005

face hurting laughter

there some really cool delights in life....

talking to really cool chicks about really cool books being turned into movies ( Lion the Witch and the Waredrobe and Pride and Prejudice)...fun!

Laughing hard with my sister for several hours.

Coffee in the morning at a coffee house while watching the people.....

Yup, I'm at Java Jacks this morning, I am still a bit on the tired grumpy side but I am doing my darndest to perk up.
Yesterday I wrote 20 emails to emma which took up an entire day of work to do...but at least she cant say this about emails again....
But turns out today was a crazy as day at work, I mean, you have ONE holiday and its like everyone goes buck wild at the hospital getting CTs of every part of their body....
So between actually working and filling up the inbox of a friend I didnt have time to blog...

I really wanted to have coffee with Katie...ahhh....but looks like that didnt get to happen. Boo. Maybe today? I'll call her when I know she's awake...its only 9AM.

Man, this blog is boring.

I am boring myself....
Movies I want to see this summer:

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Cinderella Man
Mr and Mrs. Smith
Batman Begins
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
( I do not want to see War of the Worlds because Tom Cruise annoys me more than any other actor)

Things I am excited about:
Going to Italy.

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