June 02, 2005

*tap tap on the mike of life*

Today I've been listening to a band called Sullivan. I know the boys in the band from my days of youth...well, actually only one of them... the others I just knew from high school days....annnnyway, I havent heard their music since high school-and I have to say I was realitively impressed. Improvement has definitely been made.
I am pretty hard to impress when it comes to music, I dont just go with the general concensus....sometimes I think I am a snob. Ah well.

I've been bitten by some sort of bug. my arm is itching like crazy pills.
:phone buzzes in my pocket:
AAAAAHHHHHH! I just got a phone call from my sister....
Trinity, I am SOOOO EXCITED for you guys!!!! :-)

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