June 18, 2005

the gene pool.

There was a time that I thought that my sister and I were as different as night and day. But as time goes on, I find how FREAKISHLY alike we really are ( minus that whole cleaning disease Anna has).
Last night we were bored and wanted to "do something" ( which means not just watch a DVD)...after much thought and no ideas I blurted out what I really wanted to do:

"Anna, I just want to go SWIMMING! I havent been swimming in ages and it would be SOOO nice tonight!"

The look on Anna's face said that she not only agreed with me up even more...
" I was JUST thinking about how much I wanted to go swimming today!"

Hysteria insued as we tried to think of a place we could go swimming-we went so far as to very much CONSIDER staying at a hotel for the night so we could use their pool...but, alas, everywhere was full or only has smoking rooms.

I suppose its a good thing we ended up not renting a hotel room-what would all of you have thought of us THEN?

No, instead we ended up doing one of our OTHER favorite things to do-something that I am SO SURE is waaaay more socially acceptable and cool:

We got a pizza and ate it in the car as we drove around housing developments looking at houses and commenting on them.

Yes, life is a party when your swimming in our gene pool.

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