June 17, 2005


You people crack me up! It almost makes me saaaaad how seriously everyone took my last post...I mean reeeeally its FICTON and if I really half expected the real world to be like that, or real men to be like that...well....then I would do a lot less reading and a lot more dating!
( and for all of you out there that are still on that "serious" kick...the above was a joke.)

that was some good times.

And speaking of good times, I had an AWESOME two hour conversation with Carmi last night...WOO!
I also had a great dinner with Katie <-two dinners ordered in the hardest possible way,
K:"The BlackBean burger without onion or pickles and could you NOT butter the bun?" and A:" The Big Cobb without the egg and without the corn relish" and then later...
A: "Is this really the avacodo ranch dressing?"
K:" Can I get a tomato for this burger?"

a reeeeally good hot molten chocolate cake ( if you havent had it you havent truly lived)

I'm not one to have a current events blog...but I just HAD to mention that I am personally sick of hearing about Tom washed-up Cruise and Katie my-voice-is-annoying Holmes and their faker than fake romance....I would personally rather hear about a "Skeptical" fake romance like the one in Persuasion rather than THIS. :-p

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