June 06, 2005


Ok, so as you know i am working all day today- and my wonderful boss told me to go "take a break" at around 2PM....I decided to go to Sonic and get their new "Cookie Dough Blast"...I was excited. It was going to bring joy to my otherwise dreary day....

I get my "cookie dough blast" it has little bits of cookie dough sprinkled over the top...Yum! my mouth watered with anticipation.
I drive away...traffic is horrible...I finally start eating my blast...turns out it consists of a big cup of soft-serve ice-cream ( vanilla) and a few bits of cookie dough sprinkled on the top all for the low low price of $2.19


I hate you Sonic, if you didnt have the best fast food in town I wouldnt visit you ever again...but who am I kidding...i'll be back tomorrow :...-(

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