June 07, 2005

check list switch-o

So, as you know I had a lot of things to do yesterday that didnt get to done because I was at work from 7-5:30...and now,as we enter Tuesday, I realize it will be another day at least before they get done...another loooong day at work.
Now, I realize thousands, nay millions, of Americans have full days of work-but they at least have full lunch breaks...I do not. BUT, lets just say I did...I really dont think I could get any of the things on my list done in an hour or whatever...how do people DO IT? I am so impressed.
As much as I think I am a grown up...I obviously couldnt swing it full time ;-)

My list of things to do:
Get my oil changed in my car. ( cant do this after 5)
Sign papers for my RETIREMENT ( can you believe it?) package at Bank ( cant do this after 5)
Mail a package ( just found out I can go to Wrap-it-up until 6...woo. one down)

So strike that....I cant do my check list today...so I've made a new one.

My list of things to do ( at work):
Write Email to ___.
Write Email to ___.
Write Email to ___.
Write blog. (check!)


Oh, I didnt mention it, but I am not feeling so hot...my throat hurts and my nose is running....plus I have ulcers on my tongue BOO!

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