June 22, 2005

some thoughts..in no order

1. I had some very very strange dreams last night, I can only remember snippets... but I blame it on that piece of sausage that I tasted RIGHT before bed.

2. I had the day off yesterday. It was awesome.

3. In the attic I found some great dresses from my senior year in high school...and this really amazing handmade top that I bought in Greece that I'd never worn. Woo-HOO for "new" clothes to wear!

4. I got a pedicure-a Christmas present that I'd put off for the "perfect day". Nothing like delayed gratification.

5. This morning I had not even pulled all the way out of the driveway when I poured an entire cup of coffe onto the floor of my car. I pulled back in and Papa helped me clean it up and produced another cup of coffee in a matter of minutes, then as I pulled away again he said, "Isnt it great that in only five minutes you can start your day all over again?"
My day went from bad to good in just that sentence. Thanks to a wonderful papa.

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