July 20, 2005


Well, just in case you havent been counting the days ( like I have). Today is my one week anniversary with my kidney stone.

I went to see the urologist today....which was helpful in that he told me he would "blast the stone" anytime I wanted...and he also gave me some medicine that I can take that wont "put me down" like codine...which is nice, so I am taking that now here at work. woo.
I've decided not to get the stone "blasted"-mostly because I am an optomistic person by nature and even though its been a WEEK....I am still hoping I'll pass this stupid stone. And I dont really know how long it would be to get over "minor surgery" and I KNOW that I can work with this particular pain that I have now, and I dont know if I could work after the surgery...soooo...thats why I've decided to wait.

To tell you the truth, I can pretty much handle the every DAY of constant pain....but its the NIGHTS that get me down. I havent been sleeping very well, and I have the tendency to feel really sorry for myself at night. ;-)

On a not so "kidney stone" related news....Katie and I went shopping for places to live yesterday-we didnt really find anything that just yelled "we want to live here!"....but Katie is going on holiday for the next two weeks with her family so I have some time to do follow up on the places that we thought MIGHT be possiblities...I think the events of the past week have slowed me down a little bit on the moving thing- dont get me wrong I would love to find a place tomorrow and be totally moved out by the time my parents get home, but I think i am being more realistic now...Its going to take a while to find a place...but I am sure the perfect place is out there.

Lets see what other news? Oh, I read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince...I read it in practically one sitting....from about 7Pm to 5am in the morning....with various tasks stuck in between....I finished it into the night mostly with the help of my "not sleeping" thing....
I am just DYING to talk to someone about it...so if you've read it let me know...send me email on your thoughts or something :-)

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