July 18, 2005


yeah, I was in considerable pain yesterday....and barely made it through church. Went home and sat on the couch for a few hours, with a pillow stuffed up onto my left side ( somehow the pressure helps) until Anna brought me homemade lunch curtiousy of Ryan's mom. She ALSO brought me codeine....which really helped with the pain.... To say the least....what WAS my stupid doctor talking about when he said "nothing would be able to help the pain." ?!?!?!

He is so getting fired.

Yeah, the last straw came when he called the reading room today ( I am working all day) and was totally short with me, and as rude as ever! And now I he cant even use the excuse that he doesnt know who I am! I TOLD him where I worked during one of our annoying "chitchat" moments while I was in the hospital. And let me just say right now before you all start accusing me of acting in a fit of pain.....Everyone ( all of my "motherly figures" that were in my room when he came around on rounds agreed that he wasnt very helpful OR nice.
Dr. Mean is gone forever, I cant WAIT to call up his office and ask for my files to be moved. mmmmmwhahahaha.

SOooOoOOo. Its 3:30. Only a few more hours of this place before I can relax. I am incredibly grateful that my prayers were answered today and I havent been in any major pain at all today. Infact, I might go so FAR as to VENTURE to say THAT my kidney stone COULD be gone. Its either GONE or its being horribly overshadowed by PMS cramps. Yes, you may think I am oversharing ( because I am) but you will find that when YOU are in pain- you too, will start to have NO qualms about sharing personal facts about yourself. Yes, anyway, back to my pain...I am sad to say that I am going from one form of pain to another and I am pretty sure Mr. KS ( as I have foundly named my kidney stone) is still hanging out somewhere between my kidney and my bladder. woo.
Hey speaking of which, today one of my doctors ( not to be confused with my ACTUAL doctor...as in the person i go to for medical care, unlike 'my doctors' who I work for...) anyway, one of my doctors told me I needed to go home and drink a six-pack of beer, it helps "clean you out". This is actually not so odd, because that is what one of the nurses I work with told me to do last week....I laughed at her. But after being in pain for many days in a row I am starting to take the advice more seriously...and if I didnt hate the taste of beer SO MUCH. I might actually do it.

No matter, whatever I decide to do tonight it WILL include me reading the new Harry Potter...which I bought at Wal-Mart at 9:36PM last night when I was there buying scrubs ( long story)-it was at Wal-Mart that Anna and I encountered the rudest checkout girl ever. She was extremely lucky that I didnt give her "words" because she had NO IDEA how on my last nerve I actually was....

I am tired. I am tired of pain.

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