July 25, 2005

change in location...

So, my parents are coming back from Greece today! At least I HOPE so....if all goes well, they should be home by the time I get off work. I am looking forward to seeing them-its been practically a month since we've spent any time together first my trip to Italy than they were off to Greece....

I am glad they are back because I am SURE my poor sister is tired of having me at her house nonstop. I have been very lucky during the last six months in that I have never felt as though I have overstayed my welcome at either my parents or my sisters homes-because I can always split my time between them. Buut, for the past two weeks I have been at Anna's constantly, partly because my parents house is being looked at by realitors and such and you never know when they'll pop in....and then mostly because I didnt want to be waaaay out at my parents all alone and have to get to the hospital because of my stupid kidney stone. *sigh* all in all its been a stressful two weeks for my poor sister.

Right before work today I went to Hastings Bookstore and wrote notes down from the Loney Planet guide to Italy....BECAUSE i am putting together my totally awesome Italy pictures slideshow! WOO! However, I was a bit fussy on a couple of names of villas and piazzas ( they really DO start to run together after a while!)- but now I am all straightened out and all I have to do is put my pictures in some sort of order, cutting it down to a little less than the 200 or so photos that I have. ;-)
My first audience is my family tomorrow night at Billie and Steves- its always best to do it in front of people that will TELL you if its boring etc ;-)

I watched a perfectly harmless and fun movie this week...sometimes Disney movies are totally fun to watch, especially when you can laugh at how blatant the product placement and placement of their little tween singers and actors that are in ALL their movies etc. good times.

I also watched this moviemovie again....It is really wonderful, even for the fourth time.

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