July 15, 2005

labor pains

So, just incase you dont read comments...I've been in the hospital the last few days...and not just for work ;-)

On Wednesday morning at almost 7AM on the dot a kidney stone decided to wake me up. It wasnt long before I had woken up my sister and had her take me to the ER where I spent a whole day with the people I usually work with....except this time I was rolling around in pain, crying, throwing up and doped up on Morphine...all things you would rather NOT do around your co-workers. *sigh*

Finally on Thursday afternoon I was told I could go home and "wait it out"...but I got tired of that...and now I am at work. ( its friday afternoon)
You see the tricky thing about kidney stones is they hurt pretty much constantly but they only hurt to the point of wishing you were dead for short little spurts every now and then....the other totally "awesome" thing about kidney stones is that "unless its straight up morphine, pain killers arent going to help" so I am pretty much dealing with this baby without any help. meh. Which is why I decided to go to work...I mean, who KNOWS how long this stupid stone is going to hang out?? And I am not about to make poor Demetrius continue to work for me after working 12 straight days while I was on vacation. I mean at the moment it hurts about like really bad cramps. I can handle that. AND, if I DO have another major pain fest...what better place to be than AT the hospital??

On a happy note: My sister was amazing and has pretty much stayed with me none stop-she even spent the night in the hospital with me which is never fun being awakened every two hours by a LOUD tech taking blood pressure. She also made it through the traumatic experience of seeing me WRITH in pain and think I was going to die...and then worry that I WASNT going to die. Bless her heart, she was wonderful. I couldnt ask for a better sister...or should I say "mother"...since that is what she was called twice! aaaahahahaha!

Billie and Steve did a beautiful job acting as second parents. I will definitely be taking care of them when they get old, now! Getting to hold the bedpan while I throw up and moan...and the watching "The Rookie" with me...hehehe...all good times, some better than others.

Mrs. Powell, also came and mothered over me and even took me home when everyone else was at work. I felt totally taken care of and loved. I think this whole ordeal proves that your church IS your family!! :-)

Please pray that this kidney stone goes away soon...Its hard for me to get anything done. And I have SO much to do! :-(

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