July 17, 2005

no end in sight...

To say I was down would be a ALMOST an understatement at this point...but instead will just say its a good description.

At the moment, I can think of a few things that my title refers to...one being that I am at work, and there are STILL jackets piled up...most of them large cases...and its quarter to 10-meaning I probably wont be out of here in time for church at 11. BOO!!!!
I sooo want to go to church!

There is also no end in sight for this GOD AWFUL PAIN IN MY SIDE. Most of the time its just a niggling sort of catch in my side...but then, like last night and this morning... it makes itself a little bit more apparent and becomes more of a constant pain that isnt big enough for major pain killers and isnt small enough for normal over the counter drugs. *sigh*
And you want to know my biggest fear? Its sorta silly, but if I dont tell you, dear blog...than who will I tell? I am afraid that I am already getting boring. As in, people ask me how I am doing-and they expect some sort of definate answer like
" I am in super crazy pain!" or
" The kidney stone has left in a timely fashion!"

But this is not the case...its not that way at all....and I am actually bored with MYSELF. so I can only imagine how everyone else is feeling. I just feel everyone else not believing me...or thinking I am exaggerating....or thinking I am being a drama queen.

I know I am just being a worry wart. Which is probably because I didnt sleep very well last night. I felt totally overwelmed and sorta scared. I felt like a little kid. I think pain sorta does that to you sometimes. You just really want your mommy. The bad thing about actually "being" a grown-up is that you know that having your mommy there wouldnt actually make things "all better"...so you feel even MORE at a loss....

Isnt it funny that this time last week I was in SUCH a happy place? I find that almost encouraging...it means that God knew I needed a heavy duty "filling up" before this whole episode occured............

Well, I feel like I've dealt with the "heavy" stuff long enough. Lets talk about other things like:

I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My first reaction was great. Johnny Depp was HALARIOUS! Anna and I laughed pretty much the whole movie! Though we thought it a bit odd that nobody else seemed to be laughing. But, I think the movie proved that A. Johnny Depp is STILL the greatest actor ever.
B. The little boy ( man, I should learn his real name) that played Charlie was still heartbreakingly adorable.
C. Old people make my sister cry. no matter what.

However, on later discussion and overall evaluation of the movie: I didnt think it was really THAT incredible to need a "re-do" from the orginal. I think it lacked imagination-I mean, I was expecting some new ideas, some new magical features to the chocolate factory. But this was not the case. Buuuut, it was fun. And there was some back story that the orginal didnt have that I thought was fun and interesting.... the umpa-lumpas were still just as freaky as they were back in the day.And Good ol' Tim Burton is still all about making weird movies.

On another popular culture note: I looked for a copy ( granted, I didnt look hard) of the new Harry Potter book...but the bookstore seemed to be all sold out. Darn, looks like I'll have to wait until next week-when the next gigantic shipment comes in.

Annnnd, before I go: MAD props to Sunshine for sharing deep opinions, to falling prey to peer pressure, and in the process making me happy. :-)

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