July 09, 2005

Quiz answers...

I was requested on Evan's blog to take part in this little question thingy...and far be it from ME not to do it...I LOVE such things ;-) besides its a little random break from all the Italy stuff....

1] Favorite Scent: coffee in the mornings
2]Favorite way to relax: blogging, actually...it gets all the thoughts out- I am CONSTANTLY writing in my head and if I didnt get it out I would PROBABLY die. ( probably)
3]Favorite movie you own: hmmmm...movie I PERSONALLY own?? My parents own over 100 DVDs so I've just watched theirs for ever...but recently I've been slowly building up my personal collection. So I would definitely say it was either The Village or Finding Neverland....a hard call.
4]Favorite movie you don't already own: LOTR:EE ( Like I said, I've just been using my parents up until this point...but I really SHOULD be getting my own!)
5]Favorite male movie star: At the moment its probably Gerard Butler....I am just DYING to see the scottish movie "Dear Frankie" that just came out on DVD in the states...but on a day to day basis it will always and forever be: Johnny Depp
6]Favorite female movie star: Cate Blanchett because I am continually impressed at what a wide range she has....she can seriously look TOTALLY differently...and she was the BEST part of the Aviator.
7]Favorite book genre: Biographies
8]Favorite clothing store: Urban Outfitters...but that can change daily. ;-)
9]Favorite non-clothing store:Hobby Lobby
10] Favorite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
11] Favorite CD that you own: Are you kidding?! I am suppose to PICK JUST ONE?! *sigh* FINE- I just checked my play count on itunes and it looks like MercyMe's Spoken For has the most songs in the top ten.
12] Favorite CD that you don't already own: Shawn McDonald's Simply Nothing...I got it onto my ipod from Lydia's computer in Italy...and I'm loving it!
13] Pass the torch and tag five of your blogger/lj friends:
oooooo! only five? How about everyone?? I would LOVE for all of those that I have linked to complete this-if they havent already. Do it and I will be sure to link it onto my next few posts ;-) free publicity...what more do you want?!

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