July 27, 2005

Request line...the mix cd.

So, first, if your name is Lydia and you are reading this...if you want your CD to be a COMPLETE surprise than dont read this post. ;-) If your name isnt Lydia than I am going to give you the play list for the CD I just made-but I am not going to tell you WHY I picked them...because thats just for Lyds. :-)

Breathe(2am)~ Anna Nalick
Fix You~ Coldplay
Dice~ Finley Quaye
Hallelujah ~Jeff Buckley
Homesick ~ Mercyme
Save the Best for Last ~ Vanessa Williams
Better Together ~ Jack Johnson
With a little Help from my Friends ~ Joe Cocker
Red, Red Wine ~ UB40
Natural Woman ~ Carole King
Here We Go Again ~ Norah Jones & Raye Charles
Smile ~ Nat King Cole
Such Great Heights ~ Iron and Wine
Kingdom Come ~ Coldplay

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I really like making CDs for people-its great great fun, especially when there is no pressure of whether or on they are going to like it or not....

Here is my personal CD making philosophy:

1. The reason: Its good to have some sort of theme running throughout the CD-either the type of music ( jazz, classical, etc etc) , the kind of mood the CD should evoke ( a driving in your car CD, a afternoon nap CD, a dancing in your underwear CD etc etc) - or in the case of this particular CD a "letter in music form" CD....which means each song brings out a particular message I have for Lydia :-)

2. The flow: Obviously its easier to achieve this when all of the songs are from a paricular genre....or if they are ALL songs that evoke dancing in your underwear sensations....BUT, with the CD I just made I had to make sure each song flowed together without TOO much of an emotional jump. There is NOTHING worse than being in a nice mellow mood after a little Enya ( haha!) and then be shocked out of your chair with some Bon Jovi ( hahaha!)....this is NOT what you should accomplish with a CD-even if you have very diverse songs ( which I think the above CD does to an extent) you must move through them without the listener noticing too much.

3. The audience: Finding songs that you know the person you are making the CD doesnt already own, and yet you know they will want is really the key...finding a song they havent heard before is a LOT harder ( depending on the person) but always the ultimate goal. But, since that usually isnt possible- I at least try to bring out some songs that create the "Wow! I havent heard this song in FOREVER!" sensation.

4. The reaction: I've pretty much already covered this-but ultimately I want to get my message across and make the listener happy! there is nothing like making someone happy with music! :-) Creating a mood, creating a feeling....obviously my goal is to make Lydia miss me HORRIBLY ;-) hehehehehe ( just kidding)

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