July 28, 2005


Last night, I had a great 'date' with Emma....while standing in the middle of my driveway with my cellphone ( bad reception)...

Today, I went and saw one of those great "fluffy" movies ( Fantastic Four) you know...the kind where you dont have to think at all....with Kathleen. Good fun.

Tonight, while sitting in my bed ( where I seem to be spending more and more of my time lately) I got a surpise phone call from kristy! Yay! Always a delight to talk to her...makes me miss her smile.

All in all, I am blessed.


Today, I went and looked at an apartment with my mommy....I cant WAIT till Katie gets back, she is going to love it. I really think we are suppose to go through with all of this...Continuing to pray about it all though....I hate it when things move quickly, its scary. ;-)

"You will show me the path of life."~ Ps 16:11

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