July 22, 2005

Super-sized sleep... with a side order of sleep.

So, remember yesterday when I said I was going to take a nap that afternoon? I bet you didnt think I meant from 2-6PM....and I bet you would be equally surprised to learn that even after THAT nap...I was able to easily sleep from 10:30PM til 10AM...and I actually had to have and ALARM to wake me up at 10.

WOOOO! I feel MUCH better, and yet...I STILL think I could use some more sleep...I think I am getting sick. And I dont just mean my kidney stone. I am falling apart! meeeh!

Work is crazy today- I arrived at 12:30 to a room out of control. The medicine world is like that, totally unpredictable.

hey, thanks for the good comments guys! I really liked the version that Mel came up with! That was awesome! I admit I hadnt looked THAT hard for other versions...so I am glad you guys did your homework. :-)

So, I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day, she was talking about how she really needed to do a quiet time and that she hadnt done one in a reeeeally long time. She than said something like, "I think I'll be able to do it today, I am working up to it."
This sort of hit me as interesting because I know, I've been there too...if for some reason I get out of the habit of not having a daily QT ( and by getting out of the habit I mean, missing one day) it can SERIOUSLY be a fight to get back to it. Why is that? With something that is so good, so helpful, so NECESSARY to ones relationship with God-it is actually WORK to actually sit down and do it?! It only takes me ONE DAY missing it, to have to fight back to it again....
Here is a confession for you, that really sobered me...and taught me a very good lesson.
So, last tuesday night, I had stayed up late-and was extremely tired when I went to bed. I actually sat on the edge of my bed and stared at my QT books piled next to my bed....and I had a very vivid conversation in my Spirit.
" I am tired. I dont want to do my quiet time right now."
" You need to do it."
" I am too tired, besides I have the morning off from work, I can have a really long one then."
" You need to do it now."
"It would be wasteful to do it now, I am too tired. I'll do a good one in the morning!"

So, I went to sleep and I was awakened at 7AM with HORRIBLE pain....thus beginning what I like to call the Kidney Stone week(s) of Hell....

At some point while I was at the hospital between some bout of pain-I remembered that little conversation and I realized my fault. Why do we put such important things as time with God off until tomorrow? WHY do I live so carelessly as though there will be endless tomorrows?? One day, tomorrow will never come.
A really sobering thought. So now, the important thing is not letting this happen again. I must press harder. For HE is faithful, God is faithful to speak. He is faithful to comfort, encourage, chastise, teach...whatever it is that I need....He is faithful.

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