August 15, 2005

bouquet of shapened pencils..

Today is the first day of school in Nacogdoches...All those cute little kids, nervous, with new school supplies. No matter HOW OLD I get...I will always be tempted to buy school supplies. They made school bareable..


Doctors, they are so considerate....I came to work today sniffling and coughing...and what do they say?

Dr. #1: You have a cold dont you?
Me: yup, unfortunately
Dr. #1: Ok, dont touch anything of mine....


Dr.#2: Are you sick?
Me: Yes
Dr.#2: Keep it to yourself....


Ahhhh, the love, the love...hahahah!

So, besides the cold that left me less than my usually energetic self ( haha) I had a surpise weekend of fun....Aunt Donnave and Ryancame for a was absolutely WONDERFUL to catch up with them...and totally left me wanting more when I said goodbye before work this morning...

I wont see my cousin again for roughly 11 months or so as he heads off on his grand adventure- I would definitely check out his blog for more later, just be care on your comments while he is overseas.

It's sad about not seeing him, but I am SO excited for him. Being excited for someone elses adventures is really almost good as your own adventures. I just KNOW its going to be one of those life changing experiences....
Ryan and I, just for some background info, were partners in many a crime when we were younger...for many years we were the youngest of the cousins and therefore we were either totally ignored or the brute of all the practicaljokes-ask me about the haunted house in my grandparents attic sometime...its a traumatic story of drama and heroism ...annnywho, as years have past Ryan and my relationship has changed...I mean, we dont build forts together or make up boardgames ( well often anyway) anymore...but I ALWAYS love talking to him and when I see him, it is as if time has not passed between us at all. I have often said to myself...self, even though I dont have a brother, when you have cousins like I do...who NEEDS a brother!

*ahem* Ok...
So, holds almost TOO MUCH to be done...I am just going to have to buckle down, blow my nose and start packing...I have take thursday off to pick Kathleen up from the airport and I have to go to work on Friday...then after work start the harrowing process of....moving.

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