August 12, 2005

This just in...Mother saves day

So, I was getting ready to go to bed...

just put my box of kleenexs that had been sitting on the bed beside me for easy access on the windowseal....then something feel off the windowseal and crashed on the floor ( I still dont know what it was)....but I stuck my arm down between the window seal and the bed ( something I do almost daily...since I am constanly dropping things down there)....this time however, the bed had somehow moved JUST enough that my arm was firmly wedged between the bed and the wall....after a few minutes of trying different ways of getting my arm to move and developing a very sore arm in the process ( plus all the blood was running to my hand)
I finally had to give up and yell "Moooommmm-aaaa" loudly and repeatedly to wake my mother up so she would come and save me.

She did.

I wonder if I will actually remember how to live on my own did I DO if for three years?!? hahahahhahahahahahahaha

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