August 02, 2005

Change of plans....


So, I went to the doctor today...and I have some sort of medicine that I am suppose to take three times a day to prevent kidney I was told that having a kidney stone for so long isnt doing any perment damage...unless its over a month, which means I will be getting an x-ray in a few weeks to make sure this baby is gone...if not....well.....

Anyway, I am a bit bumed because I had plans to go to "Gaily-poo"'s daughters wedding this weekend, see my Aunt Donnave and Uncle Jim as well as my cousin. But Ryan ( my cousin) called this afternoon to say that he wouldnt really be around this weekend-which took away one of my main reasons for going....but then, I still wanted to go to the wedding....but, now, thinking about the possiblity of having pain while driving three hours by myself is probably not the wisest decision on my part....sooooooooo.....Aunt Donnave if you are reading this, can I get a raincheck on visiting you?
BOO! :-(

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