August 01, 2005

Mr. Monday.

BOOO! Is it just me, or does it always seems like I go in to work for half a day, and then, an hour before I get to leave I get a call asking me to stay all day? And doesnt this always seem to happen on Mondays???

Today thus far:

I was shaking up my little bottle of White-out ( or twink or whatever you people in NZ call it) and sadly the lid was not on very tight. This would be why I have white paint all over my hands at the moment.

We have a brand-spanking new doctor who started work today. It is a HORRIBLE thought when *i* know more about what is going on then he does. meh.

I also really really need some cafeine. I am going to die. I am sooo sleepy! Its amazing how, just the THOUGHT of getting to have a nap...and then having that dream makes you all the more sleepy....

OK, so enough about me whining and complaining ;-)
( just so you know...I started this blog at 10AM this morning and now its I've been interrupted a fair number of times ;-) )

This weekend I watched a ton of movies-or at least that is how it felt. I was sort of on this weird action movie kick and this is the result.
Underworld: Somehow, in the year 2003 I missed seeing this movie...I was probably either between countries ( I missed a lot of movies this way!) or I was doing something super productive like studying.
But since none of that applies to me anymore ( I am no longer productive. hehe) I decided to see it. I was reminded of its very existence because I read a press-release on the sequal which is coming out...sometime anywho...I enjoyed it. It was one of those fun, action-packed movies that has a realitively lame plot but had some totally cool scenes...actually, the opening scene was one of the coolest when Selene drops from about 10 stories up to the ground where she lands on two feet. very fun.

Kill Bill Vol.1: This is another movie from 2003 that I somehow missed...actually at the time, I remember not wanting to see it...I just didnt want to see all that blood....buuuut, like I said I was in the mood for some action this weekend ( that sounds bad!) and so I rented it. I have to say, I actually got BORED...during several of the fighting scenes, but I had to appreciate, from a Film students perspective, all the great nodes to different film styles etc. in that respect the movie was very clever and funny.

The Transporter: Ok, so last week I went and saw The Fantastic Four...and there was a preview before the movie that looked like SO much fun! and then it came to the part where it says the name of the movie and it was "The Transporter 2" and I was like "Whoooa, there is a one?! where was *i*?" So I went out and rented was such a great ride! I have been a big fan of Jason Statham ever since he played Handsome Rob in the Italian I totally enjoyed this movie, and I am not ashamed to say that I am looking forward to The Transporter 2.

MI2: This was the only movie I watched this weekend that I had actually seen before, but I couldnt remember anything about it....which is why Anna and I rented it. Anna mentioned that she had noticed that Jordan had mentioned on his blog that his favorite movie was M:I2, so we decided to watch it again, since we couldnt remember ANYTHING about it besides these two facts, Abigail: "I remember something with motorcycles." Anna: " There was a cave in it." In the end we were both right...there was a cave and a huge motorcycle chase...and it was a fun movie and we came up with several good reasons for it to be Jordan's favorite movie, although I wouldnt say I would add it to MY top 10 list.

Thus ended my action packed weekend.

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