August 26, 2005

domestic cat

OK, so nobody liked my cats with stuff on them...but, hey, thats ok....I dont CARE WHAT YOU PEOPLE THINK.

No, actually my title was not referring to my last post. its just that after I typed I realized it DID fit....

Actually, I am SUCH a freak that I thought of my title as I was falling asleep last night. Titles are actually something I hadnt actually thought about, they are just something I randomly fill in before I start writing, its just that yesterday after some "research" I realized after 200 posts I havent repeated a title once. WOO!

Ok, so last night I was TOTALLY domestic. Well, I swept and vacuumed. I felt good about myself. I also realized, after getting more bookcases, that we dont have enough books to fill them....YAY! You know what THIS means?!?!!?!?!!?!? MORE BOOKS NEED TO BE BOUGHT!!!! ASAP!!!!
P.S. I have lost my copy of Pride and Prejudice. Security must be raised to level ORANGE!

Which reminds me, Aunt Donnave told me that Barnes and Noble is discontinuing their mini-classics collection ( or whatever they are called) which means I need to go soooooon if I wanna snatch any up before they are all gone...when? I ask, WHEN?

OK, so in exciting Abt family news: My parents are moving this weekend....into a hotel. Ugg...its not as great as it sounds, and I feel for them terribly. I cant imagine being 'out of sorts' for six months while their house is being built...much less a week. Of course, the "major" worry is about Kitty. Is it strange that I am so worried about a cat, when there are DEFINITELY bigger worries to have in the world? Yes, all these other important worries I just write off...but Kitty's wellbeing....THAT'S IMPORTANT. (sarcasm included for no extra charge)
sad but true.
meh, anyway, for those of you that pretend to care. She is going to live with my sister while my parents are in the hotel. Of course, this is going to mean, after not moving her whole life she is going to have to move twice! meh

I also have to admit I am sort of sad about my parents moving....dont get be wrong I am excited for them and I am confident that they are doing the right thing...its just, I lived in that house for ten years...not counting summers in University and the past 8 months....I have a lot of great memories there.

I am considering writing a tribute to the house...but I havent decided if that is excessive yet...

Buuuut, one thing I do ask, is please pray for my parents...I know this transition time is going to be tough on them. They have been SO wonderfully helpful in all MY "tough times" I hate the thought of them facing one now...

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