August 26, 2005

i am my mother's daughter...

Do you know my mother? Well, if you dont let me just tell you one the long standing jokes is that she is a HORRIBLE shopper...She has gone into stores and come out saying "They are out of milk." While I am pretty sure that story has been changed and exaggerated over the years, its a well known fact that she is the most unobservant shopper ever.
Story from a few weeks ago:
Mom: Abigail, I am going to the store, do you need anything?
Abigail: Actually, yes! Can you get me some deoderant??
Mom: Sure!
Abigail: Ok, come and I will show you what kind to get.
( Abigail knows from experience not to trust her mother way TOO specific requests, however on the other hand she is very particular about her deoderant)
Abigail (holding up her deoderant so her mother can see it): Alright, now, I want SECRET PLATINUM...and make sure its CLEAR and its GEL.
Mom: Ok.
Abigail: Seeeeeee? CLEEEAAAR!!! GEE-EEEL!!!! pointing violently at each word as she said it)
Mom: OOOOK! I've got it ( Mom spoke with assurance and boldness)
Abigail: Do you want me to write it down for you? ( yelling after her mother who had gotten bored with the lesson on deoderant and was now heading out the door)

Abigail had said the comment about writing it down as a joke, since she had made it SO clear what type of deoderant she wanted....of course, she regretted NOT doing it the next day when she saw the deoderant sitting in her bathroom....
"Invisible Solid"

Of course, we laughed and laughed about how we had gone through that whole ordeal just for her to get it wrong...but then:

Remember when I said this?
"...while I put up my new curtains...only to find that I had gotten the WRONG ONES. Meeeeh! I was sooo bummed! "~ Thursday 25, 2005

Yesterday I went and exchanged the curtains ( I had gotten the short ones instead of the long ones the day before) I stood in the exchange line I stared at the new ones I had picked up....I read the package over and over...yes, these were definitely right.

I got home, to find that, yes they were the right length, but they were two shades darker than the ones I needed.


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