August 11, 2005

Hope=my own worst enemy

I KNOW, that I would have been able to emotionally handle working another full day IF I had thought there was no other choice and no other option...I do not kid myself when I say that I can get my mind around the idea of working myself silly for almost a full week...I KNOW that I would have been fine.

What I ALSO know is that when my co-worker calls to say, I will be in at 10:30 and then you can go home...and then calls back at 10 to say that she wont be in AT ALL....I KNOW that that makes me want to cry because I had already started thinking about the nap I was going to take, the bacon and egg biscuit I was going to get from McDonalds, the lunch date I was going to have with hopes were soaring with the do you pick yourself up again?!

I hate the hope that betrayed me.

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