August 26, 2005

"It's a little bit funny...this feeling inside..."

Name that quote....

Its been in my head for the past twenty minutes or so, because I was thinking to myself,
"Self...I feel a bit dizzy...and "ugg-ish"...why is that?"

Of course it didnt take long for me to realize JUST how unhealthy I have been today:

Woke up feeling EXTRA tired after a bad nights sleep, weighed options and decided on making coffee rather than making a sandwich in the amount of time that I had....even though I knew I had no cash and therefore wouldnt be able to buy lunch today....ahhhh! that is how important I felt caffine was to my day. Sacrifices have to be made.

So lets go over the list again...
On the way to work: One cup of coffee
When I got to work: A Diet Coke
At work:
A bag of cookies out of vending machine ( with scrounged up coinage)
Later at work:
A mocha from Java Jacks curtesy of one of my Doctors who was being EXTRA nice today ( dont worry I gave him bonus points)

So, that plus two bottles of water is all I've had head is hurting...baaaaad....baaaddd.

the sad thing about this, is that all the caffine HAS put me in a pretty good mood dispite it all. ;-)

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